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Fine Art Prints

Looking for the perfect mix of fine art and fishing decor?  Look no further.  Each custom print started as a drawing.  It was then carved into wood and stamped.  The final detail is hand painted in watercolor.  The finished result is a perfect focal point for any anglers' home.  

These pieces are printed on 8x10 archival watercolor paper.  Affordable price of $30 per print makes purchasing multiples an option.  

For an additional $20, we will gladly paint  with custom colors.

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Block Print Tees

Our block print tees follow the same process as our find art prints.  A drawing is initially created, then it is carved into wood.  The last step is stamping on a high quality tee.  Each shirt is created by hand is unique.  Mens' and Womens' sizes are available.  Womens' sizes are fitted v-necks.  Mens' sizes are a looser fitting crew neck.  The following prints are available:  Anchor, Trout, Sailboat, Fishing hook, Spiral sea shell,

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To purchase prints or tees send an email to or fill out form below letting us know what you'd like (color, size, etc.).  We accept cash or checks in advance or you may pay via paypal.  Thanks and happy shopping!

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