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"Sharing the stoke" is a phrase I heard my husband use. I had never heard it before. I thought it was such succinct way to communicate a goal many of us have for our kids, and it directly relates to a question I get pretty often: How do you get your kiddo to WANT to be outside.

There are definitely days when I laugh in reply... because we've just had a total meltdown in the middle of nowhere. It's a work in progress. But for every day like that, I think there are 10 when I feel like that stoke is being passed to the next generation: After a great hike, as he bounds up rocks without fear, as he builds forts on the river shore... My answer to parents on a good day would be "You can't make them like it. You can make them hate it by pushing it too hard. So bring it to their level."

I hardly ever do anything seriously with the little guy around. Expectations have morphed. Our goal is to have fun. While hiking, that may mean that we make it to the end of a great trail, or that may mean that we play at the trail head for an hour and then turn around to leave.

Below is a little gallery of my little dude getting stoked outside. I have started a local "little explorers club" and we've been having fun meetups! If you're interested in joining us and are local check out my facebook group "Little Explorers Club". If not, share the stoke wherever you are. It's a work in progress for all of us, don't be deterred.

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